Your Divine Soul Plan
    Discover your main life lessons, your primary and secondary life purpose, and your karma detailed in Your Divine Soul Plan.

Your Divine Soul Plan
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Your Divine Soul Plan is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and development.  Your Divine Soul Plan contains:   

1. A full description of your main life lessons you are here to work through during this lifetime. 2. A full description of your primary, secondary, tertiary, quarternary and quinary  life purpose you are here to accomplish during this lifetime.  3.  A detailed description of any outstanding karmic debt you need to repay.  4.  A full description of your soul's true identity and personality.  5.  A full description of any psychological and emotional imbalances you need to balance. 

Of 212 possible soul traits, discover which 22 you are working in this lifetime. 

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Your Divine Soul Plan - Professional Review:  "Glen, Iíve been meaning to respond, but left for a conference the next day.  Still out of town, but finally taking the time to email you back. This is absolutely amazing.  The accuracy blows me away.  There is so much info in here that is a complete right-on.  Iíve learned some new things about myself, and it has also confirmed some things I suspected or already knew, but didnít ďtrustĒ myself (LOL!) enough to really know as the truth.  My purpose is clearer to me now, and I will continue working on healing and clearing certain issues. Thank you VERY much for sharing your beautiful gift.  With My Deepest and Profound Gratitude, I AMÖ


Loretta Peters-Martin, CCH, ACH

Certified Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapist, Counselor,

Master Hypnotist, Life Coach, Health/Nutrition Coach and Speaker



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